The Spirit of Vedika (2015) 

An 18-minute film exploring and promoting Vedika Global’s Ayurvedic training programs, as well as their revival of the age-old Gurukulam model of education. Founder Acharya Shunya Mathur is part of a long family lineage of Ayurvedic teachers and Vedantic scholars, and has brought this wisdom tradition to California, where it is proving to be as relevant to the challenges of today as it was in India.

Vedika Global is perhaps the only Ayurvedic school in the world to continue to teach from the Gurukulam model. The Gurukulam is an intimate, relational way to learn, in which the teacher of Ayurveda is also a spiritual teacher, friend and mentor, transmitting profound and profoundly relevant insights regarding consciousness via the Vedas, the teachings of the sages of ancient India. Co-Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor


The following is a testimonial from Vedika Global founder and director Acharya Shunya Mathur, wherein she describes in evocative detail what it was like to have me create "The Spirt of Vedika" film for her organization. 


"Of all that our organization has done to promote our work, deciding to hire Kevin Peer to create a promotional film has been the best decision. 

Like many teams of people who are doing good in the world, we came to recognize the need to create greater recognition and abundance for our institution, and so we decided to have a promotional film made. We knew this film needed to be a sensitive and skillful portrayal of the rather complex elements of our organization which center around spirituality, wellness and altruism. However, when it came down to it we realized we were unable to clearly define the message we wanted the film to convey to the outside world, because we had not sufficiently refined the true mission and message of our organization to ourselves! Thankfully Kevin did not join our confusion and go ahead and film us anyway - as many other promo film makers we had considered were willing to do. Unlike Kevin, they were ready to simply take our money, set a date, shoot footage, and hope for the best. 

Before Kevin even agreed to work with us, he gently and skillfully insisted that we first discover and refine our mission and message, and said that if we agreed to this requirement he could help facilitate this process. What unfolded was a very fruitful and eye opening experience wherein Kevin intelligently and intuitively guided us through a series of careful and in-depth question and answer sessions. This really helped us arrive at our own knowing of the essence of our organization and its mission, the nature of the message we wanted to convey, and the audience we wanted to communicate this message to. 

Because of the clarity gained from this exploratory pre-filming process, and the ways Kevin brought it to life in the filming, interviewing and editing that followed, the resulting film “The Spirit of Vedika” is a wonderful work that is truly a mirror of who we are - so much so that by watching it we could “see and feel” the essential nature of our organization more vividly and powerfully than ever before, and hence deliver our mission with greater self-confidence. 

Within days of the film’s release, it began opening doors to abundance and opportunity for our organization and myself. Our student enrollment has gone up and the amount of donations we receive have also increased, exponentially. Watching it once was enough for an important publishing house (Sounds True) to offer me a prestigious book contract. It also moved the Trustees of a respected University (California Institute of Integral Studies) to honor me with an award for distinguished service in my field of Ayurveda. 

After working with Kevin I realize that anyone with basic competence with cameras and lights can shoot a promotional film - but it is a much rarer thing for a filmmaker to create a work that authentically embodies the deeper values of an organization and presents them in a way that inspires the intended audience. This requires an approach of skill and care and insight and heart - and that is what Kevin did for us. 

I would recommend Kevin to any individual or organization that is thinking about making a promotional film. He can be counted upon for helping you discover and refine your message (no matter how obscure it is to begin with), and for transforming it into a polished and artistically appealing product, with the highest professional standards, that will help you accomplish your highest goals. Besides, he is a warm and generous human being, who makes this entire project so much more inspired and joyful, with his trade mark sense of humor and personable demeanor."